For the Love of the Games

Athletes are always looking for their next big challenge.  Alexis is no different. Though she competed in three different sports during this year’s Summer Games for the Ohio Special Olympics, she’s already looking to next year for her next challenge.

Alexis has been active in sports for a number of years. “I love sports!” she exclaimed.  This year she took her athleticism to a whole new level by competing at the Ohio Special Olympic Summer Games in Columbus.  There she competed in multiple track and field events, basketball, and tried her hand at softball.

Although she loved competing, she was also able to enjoy her experience off the field.  “I was really excited to be at Ohio State,” Alexis said with enthusiasm. “I loved the campus and the dorms. I even got my picture in front of the Jesse Owens Stadium.”

There was one part of her trip that Alexis could have done without… the early mornings. “I am not a morning person,” she explained.  Unfortunately, with all the other athletes staying in the dorms with her, she had to be.  “They would get up at like five in the morning.”  Despite the early risers around her, Alexis plans to be there next year and has already begun to think about new sports. “I might try bowling,” she said thoughtfully. “Softball, bowling and definitely basketball.”

In March of this year, Special Olympics welcomed its one-millionth athlete globally.  Like her fellow athletes from all over the world, Alexis works hard and welcomes new challenges.  That’s what makes her such a winner on and off the field.


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