Pam Loves Being Fast & Efficient in Her Job

Pam loves working in Bulk Foods at Mustard Seed Market and Cafe. She even wears a pin that says, “Love Bulk”. She especially loves being fast and efficient in her job. She takes pride in being able to complete tasks quickly because there is more work to be done.

Gabe Nabors, Assistant Store Manager at Mustard Seed said, “Pam is a valuable and reliable employee. She gets her work done right and is eager to help customers along the way.” Pam’s job at Mustard Seed is to package bulk foods then stock them in that section of the store. Customers often ask her where certain bulk food items are and she is always happy to assist them in finding what they need. She has also learned how to rotate inventory so the products don’t get outdated.

Pam has a variety of tasks in addition to her bulk foods duties including keeping the complimentary coffee station clean and filled with supplies and sweeping spills to keep the floors clean from debris. She smiles when customers stop to say hello when she’s taking care of her Bulk Foods aisle.

Co-workers have embraced Pam and helped her to fit right in with their team at Mustard Seed. “We have found the right fit for our Bulk Foods Department. And, Pam has really come out of her shell since coming to work at Mustard Seed. She used to sit on the side during company parties and now she gets up dancing with everyone and has a really good time!” said Mr. Nabors. One thing is for sure, Pam has found the right fit too!

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