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informDD May 2016

Start your summer right with fun events and activities in this issue of informDD!

One Parent to Another: The Power of Connecting

When you’re a parent, the list of questions you ask yourself on any given day is endless. Who is taking the kids to soccer practice? What about homework? And so on. But when you’re the parent of a child with special needs that list can get more complex. Is this day care going to be the right fit? Is my child receiving the right supports in school? Should we change her IEP? It’s easy to quickly feel overwhelmed and at times maybe even isolated. Fortunately, you are not! As an Agency Summit DD is here to be your partner, yet, sometimes there is nothing quite like sharing experiences with someone going through exactly the same thing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the ways that you can connect with parents like you and strengthen your circle of support. Read More ›

Security Update for Families

Earlier this week a family member of an individual we support left a threatening message on a Summit DD employee’s voicemail.  The Summit County Sheriff and local police jurisdictions responded immediately and placed the individual under arrest and worked with our internal safety team to further secure the building and implement precautionary measures.

Our primary concern is always with our employees, individuals we support, and the community.  In an abundance of caution, we have further limited our entrance and exit points to the buildings to the main entrance only for both employees and visitors.  We have no reason to believe that there is an imminent threat and have taken these steps simply as a precautionary measure.

As we have more information, we will share it with you.

Want to change the world? Ask your Mom!

Guest Blogger Sara Kline, Mayor of Stow

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s time to celebrate, honor, cherish and remember mothers everywhere. Mothers come in all varieties, just like children and the ways we observe Mother’s Day are as varied and unique as Read More ›

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