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In It Together: Supporting Providers and DSPs through the Pandemic

In this new, ever-changing reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, Summit DD made it our goal to be there for those around us. We ensure that children and adults continue to feel supported. We are also determined to ensure local disability providers and the Direct Service Professionals (DSPs) who work for these providers feel supported as well.

“As you can imagine, the demands on our provider network are off the charts,” shared Summit DD Superintendent, John Trunk. “And our Community Supports and Development Department has stepped up in a big way to support our partners.” Trunk went on to explain that providers are experiencing dramatically increased demands to support people in their homes, in some cases 24/7, due to the quarantine. This need translates into more shifts, more overtime, and more resources.

“Providers and DSPs have done an incredible job delivering the essential services that people rely on,” Trunk expressed gratefully. “They are not only keeping people safe and healthy by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, but they are also keeping people’s spirits up by keeping them engaged while they are at home.”

More time at home, also means greater demand for PPE and cleaning supplies – all of which are hard to come by in large quantities for many providers. To help alleviate some of the pressure on resources, Summit DD’s Community Supports and Development (CSD) Department rose to the challenge. The team started procuring crucial PPE supplies to supplement providers who were unable to get them in time.

Demand for PPE and Cleaning Supplies for DSPs

“We initially wanted to have supplies on hand for providers if they had an individual test positive,” shared Joe DiFranco, Community Supports and Development Senior Manager. DiFranco said that the team created Rapid Response Quarantine Kits that could be available at a moment’s notice and delivered to the provider immediately. The kit included everything from masks and shoes covers to disinfecting supplies and trash bags to dispose of the used PPE.

DiFranco’s team uncovered a need to help fill in the gaps when providers were waiting for cleaning supplies or PPE they had ordered. They created a process that provided short-term, critical protective equipment and cleaning supplies that DSPs need to keep those they serve healthy, as well keep themselves safe.

“I’m talking with providers daily to determine their needs,” DiFranco shared. “Providers large and small have been very appreciative of the supplies.” To help the CSD department with their efforts, Summit DD held a Donation Drive-Thru on April 16, where more than 150 community members and staff donated high-demand items to support providers and those they serve, including a local woman who donated more than 100 homemade masks.

In just four weeks, Summit DD’s Community Supports and Development department has fielded approximately more than 70 requests from local providers. Here a just some of the critical supplies Summit DD has packaged and delivered to providers and DSPs:

  • More than 3,500 masks
  • 132 containers of disinfecting wipes
  • 1,600 shoe covers
  • 500 gowns
  • 250 quarts of disinfectant
  • 37 thermometers
  • Over 19,000 gloves

“We want to do what we can to continue to support DSPs and our provider community,” DiFranco reiterated. “They have stepped up and deserve as much support as we can possibly give them.”

Summit DD is grateful for the incredibly dedicated frontline DSPs who show up each day for people with disabilities in our communities. You have shown that we are truly in this together! Thank you.

Need Help? Give Help.

  • Need help? If you are a DSP or local disability provider in need of cleaning supplies or PPE, please fill out our PPE request form. Someone from our Community Supports and Development Department will reach out shortly.
  • Want to donate? If you want to support providers and DSPs by donating new masks or cleaning supplies (paper products or disinfectant), please contact us.
Thank you note to DSPs from a childTables of critical cleaning supplies for DSPsThank you note written by a child to DSPs

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