5 Things to know about NDEAM

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is is celebrated each October. While NDEAM is celebrated in October, Summit DD makes it one of our priorities all year long.

Jan Dougherty, Summit DD’s Manager Community Supports & Development, works to further employment opportunities for people with disabilities. She works with our local disability providers to connect job seekers to businesses.

“We are trying to increase awareness about the benefit of hiring people of all different abilities in the business community, and NDEAM is the perfect time of year to get the discussion started,” stated Dougherty. For those not familiar with it, Dougherty offers these 5 things to know about NDEAM:

5 Things to Know About NDEAM

  1. Economic and Social Security
    Economic security has always been at the heart of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Having a job makes it easier to plan your future and work toward the goals you set for yourself. It also provides structure for your time and opportunities to meet people.
  2. Benefits to Employers
    As the structure of the workforce continues to shift, it’s important to realize the far-reaching benefits of employing people with disabilities. Studies show that employees with disabilities equally or more productive than their coworkers without disabilities, and achieve equal or better overall job performance.
  3. Building an Identity
    Each of us has an identity, not just a name. Being independent means living life and making decisions. Earning money and having an identity will lead people with disabilities to the path of independence.
  4. Meaning and Purpose
    A job is not just about working for a few hours. Working improves a person as you learn new skills and add value to your organization. It gives you a sense of pride.
  5. Economic Freedom
    The clearest benefit of a job is the money that comes along with it. Having a steady stream of income is freedom. This economic freedom allows you to plan for your future.

Don’t Stop

We encourage you to celebrate people of different abilities in the workforce all year long! Share stories, be a good coworker and encourage your workplace to discover the benefits of hiring people with disabilities by contacting Jan at JDougherty@SummitDD.org or call 330-634-8171.

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