David’s Story: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Meet David, he’s a determined young man on a mission to become a paralegal once graduating from Kent State University. “If I could say to anyone who might see a person like me, unable to walk, I’d probably tell them just don’t judge a book by its cover,” said David. “I feel that everyone deserves to be respected and to be shown kindness regardless of who they are,” he continued.

Outside of being a college student, David volunteers at his church as a worship leader, enjoys singing and martial arts, plus he finds time every spring to participate in a baseball league. David also receives service coordination from Summit DD. He shared a few kind words about his Service and Support Administrator (SSA) Brooke Wisniewski. “She’s a fantastic woman. I’ve enjoyed working with her very much. She really helped with transitioning me from high school to the college life.”

David has big plans after graduation. “I want to get a great job as a paralegal…then find a wife, build a family, and get a house,” said David with a smile. “If I could give advice to someone seeking out similar goals to me, I’d tell them to just stay after it! Don’t give up on your goals. Because when you give up on your goals, that’s when your goals will never be fulfilled.”

Get to know more about David in this empowering video.

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