An Update on Your Path to Early Intervention Services

Your child may be eligible for EI services if they are missing milestones, have a suspected delay or medical condition which has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay.

Recently, the process of referring a child from birth to age three for Early Intervention (EI) services has changed in Ohio.

Here, we walk you through the steps and what you can expect as a resident of Summit County. The process begins by making a referral to Ohio Early Intervention at 1-800-755-4769 or visiting their website. A referral can come from a parent, physician, family member, teacher, service provider or anyone else concerned about a child’s development.

Once a child is referred to Ohio Early Intervention, a representative from Help Me Grow Central Coordination will reach out to the family to verify the information provided is correct and that the family would like to have their child evaluated during a home visit.

Next, a service coordinator from Akron Children’s Hospital will visit the family’s home for an intake visit and to discuss concerns and priorities for the child.

At the intake visit, the Early Intervention Service Coordinator will schedule an Evaluation and Assessment (E&A) home visit and determine if the child meets the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Early Intervention eligibility requirements.

Based on eligibility, the EI Service Coordinator will identify needs for programming and discuss options with the family. At this point, a family can choose to work with Summit DD’s EI services or work with other approved EI providers.

If your family chooses to work with Summit DD, EI services are provided by a team of professionals committed to meeting the individual needs of your child and family.

Learn more about Early Intervention and how Summit DD, Ohio Early Intervention and Help Me Grow Work Together to provide seamless Early Intervention services.

Additional Early Intervention Information

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