Inclusive Child Care

Inclusive Child Care and Community Programs

Kids of every ability benefit from inclusive programs and learning opportunities. Let Summit DD support and connect your family to the programs and resources around you!

Inclusive Community Programs

Kids are kids, and we believe that all kids should have access to inclusive programs that enrich their early childhood experience such a story times, arts and crafts, sports, or any other community program. We are the experts in inclusion strategies and work with existing community programs, like area YMCAs, libraries, the zoo, among others, to ensure there are inclusive opportunities for all children and families, regardless of ability. Sign up for our eNewletter and be the first to hear about new opportunities and partnerships within your community, or check out our events calendar to find out what’s happening near you.

Community Partnership for Inclusion Program

Inclusive Child Care

Summit DD believes that all children and families should have access to quality, inclusive child care.  Our Community Partnership for Inclusion (CPI) program supports a variety of child care options in communities across Summit County.  From children who need a little extra support to be successful in the classroom to little ones with specialized medical needs our trained staff can help you locate and support your child at a child care center convenient for your family. Andrew and Joey are just two of the more than 60 children who have had successful experiences in many different child care centers throughout Summit County.

Transitional Support

While kids are kids, we know that each child is unique. Some children have more involved medical needs or behavioral challenges that require a little more support in making the transition into their community child care center. Our CPI staff is just the resource to help your little one transition successfully! Trained Summit DD staff work with children, their families and local child care centers to provide the tools and training for your child to be successful in an inclusive child care center. Through goals created with your child’s unique needs in mind, CPI staff will work with your child and your child care center to build skills that will make her successful in a community child care setting.

Contact us to let us help you explore your options and find the right fit for your family.

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