Fall Artist Spotlight

Creation—the ability to create something from nothing. All of us have this unique and powerful ability. However, some of us can channel it in truly amazing ways. Meet four artists with disabilities who share this empowering trait in Summit DD’s Fall Artist Spotlight. Plus, you can see their work in person at several upcoming art shows that can be found here!

Greg C. Biography

“Since childhood, Greg has had a never ending fascination with dinosaurs and prehistory. The son of a prominent local architect, Greg’s artistic skills were nurtured and honed since his youth, uninhibited despite his cerebral palsy. Having been drawing most of his life, Greg had only fairly recently been putting acrylic paints to canvas with an equally intense fervor and attention to detail. Heavily influenced by such diverse artists as Charles Knight, Claude Monet, and Bob Ross, Greg’s love of rich textures and degree of realism entice and invite his audience to become lost within his paintings…to a world so unlike our own and yet eerily familiar, called Deep Time.”

Darick F. Biography

“Darick is from Springfield Township. He is inspired by comic books, animation, nature, and animals. His work is vibrant and colorful with all sorts of interesting artistic choices that make the pieces fun. Recently, Darick started to venture out and do commissions for people. He hopes that it can turn into a good way to make some money while doing something he really enjoys.”

Rachel P. Biography

“I have been painting for the last couple of years. I like using colors to inspire happiness. I enjoy staying active. I have been a competitive swimmer for over 25 years. I was honored to travel to Portugal in 2010 to compete. I also enjoy bowling,basketball and golf. I love music and attending plays and concerts. I have been traveling and have been inspired by the beauty of our National Parks. I hope you enjoy my artwork.”

Amanda B. Biography

Her Ingredients. What Makes Amanda, Amanda:

  • 1 part traditional artist
  • ½ knitter
  • ½ crocheter
  • 1 overactive imagination
  • 12oz. of painter
  • 1 part Barberton
  • 2 parts Cuyahoga Falls resident
  • Mixed well with inspiration from Disney, Don Bluth, Richard Williams, traditional art, and anime. 

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