Local Musician on a Mission to Empower Others

“I can be the first. Be an inspiration. Motivate others to achieve!” These are the empowering words of a visionary musician named John. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, John receives support from Summit DD and Blick Clinic to help him establish and reach his goals for a good life. “I’ve worked with John for almost five years. From day one he’s always wanted to challenge himself,” shared Heather Turek, John’s Summit DD Service and Support Administrator, in charge of coordinating John’s supports.

Over the years, John has continued setting and accomplishing his own personal goals. He expanded his therapies from a wheelchair to a walker, engaged in several social and community clubs, plus he honed his musical talent by collaborating with other artists and participating in talent shows. “He’s become so inspiring. He never hesitates to speak up about his goals and dreams, whether to me, other support staff, or anyone,” commented Heather.

So what does John want to accomplish next? “I’m going to open a studio for people with disabilities. They can learn and record music and make their dreams a reality,” John replied with a hopeful grin. JT Style’s Music Vision, John’s future recording studio, will be a place where “…you go for it! If you don’t go for it, you’ve given up!”

“We’ve been speaking with John about Summit DD’s Microenterprise program. It’s a great step towards his studio goal,” shared Heather. The mission of the Microenterprise program is to create opportunities for individuals to become as self-sufficient as possible by giving them tools, training and supports to start their own small business ventures.

When asked how he would feel in the future when his dream comes true, John replied “I’d scream at first. Then I’d say ‘that’s the start of something great.’”

John’s vision is a true testament that no dream is too big, if you have perseverance, passion and the right support system. “I’m persistent. I don’t give up…and with that, I don’t want others to give up,” John declared.

So the next time you set your sights on something, remember these empowering lyrics from John.

Don’t give up on your dreams.
Because you never know what you might achieve.
Don’t give up on your dreams.
There’s more to me than what you see.

John and his Summit DD SSA, Heather Turek.

John and his Summit DD SSA, Heather Turek.

John and his Summit DD Program Specialist, Mary Mort.

John and his Summit DD Program Specialist, Mary Mort.

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