Marci’s Story: Running Down A Dream

“When I was born, the doctors told my foster mom that I’d never walk. And she said to them ‘you don’t know what God can do’,” Marci shared with a proud smile. From the moment you begin speaking with Marci, you quickly realize her passion. A passion for life. A drive to succeed at every dream she can imagine.

“Because of my cerebral palsy, I was in a wheelchair when I was young. And later a body cast because of several surgeries I had to get. But I remember working every day with my family to learn to walk, one step at a time,” recalled Marci. “I would tell myself that you can do this Marci. I can do this,” she continued. By the time Marci was 18, she joined the Special Olympics track team and began competing in the assisted 50 meter race. “I’m pretty good at it. I love it! It’s my favorite thing,” she exclaimed while holding her various medals and ribbons from previous competitions.

Now, almost two decades later, Marci continues to compete with the Special Olympics track team even after additional leg surgeries. “I’m not a quitter! I will never quit,” she declared. Marci’s determination and drive isn’t just on the track, it’s in her home, workplace, and everywhere she goes. Marci is very independent and has her own apartment. It’s full of red household items because of her love for the Ohio State University. For the past year, she’s been working in customer service at Wal-Mart. “I enjoy interacting with people. I’m a people person. I give the best customer service. I’ve gotten many compliments from customers and I love that,” Marci shared. In fact, she recently earned a “Happy to Help” pin that she proudly wears on her Wal-Mart vest because of her exceptional customer service.

“I’ve been Marci’s SSA for almost five years now. She is such a driven person with a great personality,” commented Yunyoung Kim, Marci’s Summit DD Service and Support Administrator. Yunyoung helps connect Marci to the services and supports she needs within the community. “Miss Kim helps me a lot!” said Marci.

“I don’t want to be seen as a client or as disabled. See me for what I can do,” Marci shared. When asked, what advice she’d give to other people trying to reach their goals, Marci stated “…look at my struggles and what I’ve been through. I never give up on life. If I get the chance. I take the chance!”


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