Select A Provider

Choosing a provider to deliver you or your loved one’s services can be an overwhelming choice.  Our Service and Support Administrators (SSA) will help develop your individualize service plan (ISP) that connects you to providers within the community that can help you achieve your vision of a happy, satisfying life.  It is your right to select a provider and you can select a new provider at any time.  We will be by your side, providing you resources and tools to help you choose a provider that meets your needs.

Summit DD works with more than 400 certified providers in Summit County to bring you unparalleled support.  Providers are certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) and Summit DD provides oversight to ensure your health and safety.

Provider Search and Provider Referral

After your team identifies your needed services and supports on the ISP, your SSA will place your service request on a provider referral network.  Providers who are able to meet your needs will respond to that posting and your SSA will review your options with you.  You can interview providers, tour their facilities or homes, and use other resources to select your provider.  Use the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Tool Kit to help interview potential providers.

You can search available providers using the DODD Provider Search Tool.  Provider Compliance reports are available from 2013 forward on this tool.  Read more about DODD’s efforts to provide compliance reports here.

Remember, it’s your choice and we’ll be here to guide you through that choice.  Contact Us to begin your journey today.

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