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Winter Storm

Winter Storm Watch: Tips and Resources

A big winter storm is about to hit Summit County over the next few days. We want to give you the tips and resources you need to stay safe, as well as keep you informed on any closings at provider agencies. Below, is a general Emergency Preparedness article and a winter safety guide from the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness. We’ve also added a list of Warming Centers throughout Northeast Ohio in case you need a safe haven from the elements.

As for provider agency closings, we will be closely monitoring social media over the next 24-48 hours to quickly re-share that information on the Summit DD Facebook Page. Stay up to date here!

Most importantly, stay warm and stay safe!

Lisa Kamlowsky Superintendent.

Message from the Superintendent

Dear Summit DD Partners & Supporters, 

Another year has come and gone. As I reflect on my first year serving as Superintendent of Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board, I can’t help but think of the many people and partners whose contributions assisted us in achieving our Mission. While this year has not been without its challenges, we have had many successes as well. I believe that 2023 will present more opportunities for innovation and successful outcomes for people with developmental disabilities living in Summit County.  Read More ›

8 staff members from Louisa Ridge posing for photo at Summit DD Appreciation Breakfast

More Than 600 Providers Benefit from Summit DD Grant

Summit County disability service providers deliver the essential services that people with developmental disabilities rely on to meet their daily needs. These Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and front-line managers support people in their homes, provide daily care and ensure that people can get to their jobs and day programs safely. It isn’t an easy career, but it’s more than a job to these professionals. It’s a purpose. Summit DD believes it is important to show appreciation to these hard-working professionals, so we brought back the Summit DD Appreciation Grant. Read More ›

Summit DD News

We Want Your Feedback: 2023 Action Items

Summit DD considers data and input from those we serve, families, providers, the community, and employees to develop the three-year long-range plan. Summit DD is currently in the second year of the three-year plan that runs from 2023-2024.

Each year, the Annual Action Plan outlines specific action items that help Summit DD achieve the priorities identified in the long-range plan. The 2023 Action Plan focuses on addressing 16 action items to achieve the following three-year objectives:

LRP Objective 1: Using evidence-based best practices, deliver in-person and virtual Early Intervention Services that support the individual outcomes of each child and family.

LRP Objective 2: Implement person-centered thinking initiatives.

LRP Objective 3: Empower independence through access to technology, transition age support and meaningful day program/employment opportunities.

LRP Objective 4: Empower people to live in the community of their choice, as independently as possible, while maintaining health and safety.

LRP Objective 5: Capitalize on collaborations with community partners and providers to enhance services for children and adults with intensive needs.

LRP Objective 6: Assist providers with recruitment and retention efforts for Direct Service Professionals.

LRP Objective 7: Capitalize on the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures of Summit DD team members to support a high performing workforce that reflects the community we serve.

LRP Objective 8: Ensure the public understands the value of Summit DD support.

LRP Objective 9: Invest in technology and infrastructure that supports the Mission, Vision and Values of the Agency.

We want your feedback! Please review the following  Draft 2023 Action Plan and provide feedback to or call 330-634-8073 by January 6.

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