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2023 Family Engagement Program

Summit DD is bringing back our Family Engagement Program for 2023. Like last year, requests will be funded on a reimbursement basis for expenditures that received prior approval from Summit DD and for which the family provides a receipt. Get the details for 2023 eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements and Program Administration 

  • The Family Engagement Program (FEP) is available to individuals eligible for Summit DD services between the ages of 0-22. Individuals must live at home with a parent or guardian and do not have waiver funding.
  • The program will continue to be administered by the staff member at Summit DD that you are connected to. This could be a Referral & Support Specialist, Service and Support Administrator or a Developmental Specialist. Your Summit DD liaison can help determine if the Family Engagement Program is right for your needs. They will help you identify any community resources first. This program is a payer of last resort and should only be accessed when services or supports cannot be paid for by the individual, family, or another funding source. If you are unsure if you are connected to someone at Summit DD, please call 330-634-8958 or email
  • Once you have provided Summit DD staff with a description and cost of the requested good or service, a Summit DD team member will review the expenditure. If you receive approval, you may purchase the approved good or service. Conversation and Summit DD approval must occur prior to purchase or you WILL NOT be reimbursed, even with a receipt.
  • Reimbursement for goods and services will go directly to the individual or family via a direct deposit from a third party. Families choosing to have the money deposited into their own account must complete a W9 form, as this could count toward your taxable income. If your family has established a checking or savings account in your child’s name, no W9 form is required and the money can be deposited there. Families may choose to establish a STABLE account for their child at Money can be deposited there and no W9 is needed. Please direct any questions you may have to the Summit DD staff person assisting you.
  • Receipts can be returned to Summit DD by giving them to a staff member or mailing/emailing them to Summit DD. RECEIPTS for purchases are REQUIRED to be provided to Summit DD or the family will not be reimbursed. If you have not submitted previous years’ receipts, you will not be eligible for funds until those receipts are provided to Summit DD and approved.
  • Funds will be allocated based on each family’s individual needs and financial situation up to a maximum amount of $1800 per child with a total family cap of $2500. These funds are meant to serve as additional support to individuals eligible for Summit DD services and are not meant to replace a family’s obligation to pay for typical expenses. Funds are available for one calendar year beginning January 1, 2023 and may be used all at once or in smaller increments over the course of the year. Summit DD reserves the right to end the FEP program based on the availability of budgeted funds.
  • Please note, FEP funds that are being used for respite care must be used on a Department of Developmental Disabilities (DoDD) certified provider. Summit DD will pay the provider directly. These providers all meet the certification requirements set forth by DoDD, plus an additional 8 hours of training in child development and certification in infant/child CPR. Your Summit DD staff member will be able to help you connect to providers to choose from. All DoDD providers will be paid at current Medicaid rate for these services. If you have difficulty selecting a DoDD certified provider, you may use an approved family chosen provider who does not routinely care for the individual. This provider must participate in a training session with you and your Summit DD staff member prior to providing services. Additionally a waiver form will be required for signature. When using a family chosen provider, a receipt for services will be required in the form of a respite log that you must provide.
  • Items that are primarily recreational in nature do not meet program criteria. Please work with your Primary Service Provider in order to evaluate if other community based resources are available to assist.

Eligible Items and Services

  • FEP funds CAN be used for the following:
    • Summer camp
    • Transportation to and from community based activities, paid at the current waiver rate ($.60 per mile)
    • Respite care from providers meeting criteria above
    • Adaptive equipment (with proper documentation from a licensed professional)
    • Safety Equipment (gates, door alarms, etc.)
    • Therapies not otherwise covered by insurance
    • Tutoring/ Academic supports necessary for success and not able to be provided by school
    • Health related supplies or supplements not otherwise covered by insurance
    • Clubs, classes or activities that promote community inclusion. FEP money can be used for payment of the club, class or membership only. It does not cover the cost of any additional uniforms or equipment needs. FEP money approved to be used for membership fees will include the child and one adult.

Questions about the Family Engagement Program?

Please reach out to your SSA, Developmental Specialist or Referral and Support Specialist with questions. They can assist you through this process. You can also send questions to SSA Senior Manager, Jennie Petrarca at

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