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More Than 600 Providers Benefit from Summit DD Grant

Summit County disability service providers deliver the essential services that people with developmental disabilities rely on to meet their daily needs. These Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and front-line managers support people in their homes, provide daily care and ensure that people can get to their jobs and day programs safely. It isn’t an easy career, but it’s more than a job to these professionals. It’s a purpose. Summit DD believes it is important to show appreciation to these hard-working professionals, so we brought back the Summit DD Appreciation Grant.

National Labor Shortages

“Industries everywhere are experiencing labor shortages. While direct care is seeing similar conditions, we’ve seen extraordinary dedication from our partners in the Provider community,” Assistant Superintendent, Drew Williams explained.  “Without their continued commitment, the lives of individuals we support would be impacted in unimaginable ways.”

Williams went on to express his gratitude to Summit DD’s partners, emphasizing their hard work and dedication. “Anytime we as a Board can directly impact DSPs who serve people with disabilities, we should,” he said. “We are thankful for their hard work.”

2022 DSP Appreciation Grant

Summit DD values and appreciates the critical work DSPs and front-line supervisors perform. To show our gratitude, Summit DD is awarded Appreciation Grant funds to eligible agencies and independent providers.

Providers were able to use these funds to enhance DSP appreciation and retention efforts. Approximately 600 different independent providers and 65 agency providers received funding to recognize and reward their DSPs and front-line supervisors.

Executive Director for Ardmore Inc., Yvette Diaz, shared her organization’s appreciation for the grant. “Ardmore continues to be grateful for the support Summit DD has shown our DSPs,” she commented. “With the recent Appreciation Grant, all our DSPs received a bonus for Thanksgiving.”

Providers also used the grant money to provide meals, gift cards, gas cards, and other appreciation efforts for DSPs.

“Although being a DSP is a rewarding job, it can also be isolating,” Diaz shared. “So, knowing people out there ‘see’ you and appreciate your work makes all the difference!”

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