Services for Adults

Adults face many decisions in life, such as where to work, where to live, exploring new interests and talents, forming new friendship, or how to make ends meet on a limited budget. Adults with developmental disabilities are no different.  Summit DD listens and supports those we serve and their life choices through the right resources and connections.  After our SSAs create an individualized service plan, then help connect you to providers or natural supports to assist individuals achieve their life goals.  Services are provided through a wide selection of quality providers in the community.  Our SSAs will stay by your side to provide ongoing coordination of your services.

Based on your assessed need, there are a wide array of services available for adults.  Each individualized service plan contains a self-directed budget for services that considers the individual’s earnings, federal medicaid dollars if eligible, and local dollars from Summit DD’s operating levy to pay for the services and supports necessary to live a good life.

Center-Based Day Programs

Center-Based Day programs are provided by quality private providers like United Disability Services, Goodwill, or Blick, to name a few.  Services include community integration, habitation services, vocational services, or a combination of the two, based on your needs and desires.  Centers are located throughout communities in Summit County.  The staff at the center and your SSA with work with you to identify your goals and provide the supports needed to be successful.  At Center-based day programs, you are able to chose to between work, clubs and classes, volunteer opportunities and community trips during your day.

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Community Employment

Community Employment supports are designed to support you in integrated, community employment that pays a competitive wage.  Many employers in Summit County have realized the benefit of hiring individuals with developmental disabilities such as Little Tykes, Acme, Giant Eagle, among others.  Community employment supports are provided by a network of quality providers such as Hattie Larlham, Weaver Industries, and Siffrin, to name a few.  Supports range from job exploration, job developing, follow along services, or assistance in setting up your own business.

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Transportation options are an integral part of living full, inclusive life.  Transportation services are designed to from home to your job or day program and back safely.  Transportation to recreational events are a part of your Homemaker Personal Care, or residential, services.  Transportation is provided by a network of quality providers and options include: buses, vans, or bus passes through METRO.  Your service coordinator will listen to your goals and wants and help match you to a transportation provider that meets your needs.

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Residential support is based on your goals and needs and can be provided in your home or a home in the community.  Residential services are provided by a large network of quality providers such at Ardmore, ViaQuest, and REM Ohio, among others.  You may receive support to stay at home with your family, in your own apartment, is a foster setting or in a community home with roommates of your choosing with 24/7 support. Your SSA will listen to your goals, needs and limitation and review available residential options within your available budget for services.

Summit Housing Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) that purchases quality homes in communities throughout Summit County to provide residential options for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Summit DD and our vast network of quality providers make sure that you or your loved one has plenty of opportunities to live a good life with their friends after the work day ends. Options such as Special Olympics, dances, bowling, and classes ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to socialize with your friends, with and without disabilities.

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